At We4u, our mission is to inspire high school students to help communities in need. From victims of natural disasters to isolated senior citizens, We4U helps connect high school student volunteers to communities in need and aims to foster initiatives that better the lives of those who are less fortunate. 

We4u is run by high school student volunteers who have a passion to help and give back to the community. We4u truly believe that we are all obligated to help everyone and anyone. 


Driven by our values of spreading good karma, We4U desires to positively impact the lives of those in need.

Our Mission
Founder's Message

Growing up in California, I often heard of potential threats from natural disasters, living near the San Andreas Fault, but was fortunate to have never been directly impacted by natural disasters. Yet I realized how important it was for first-responders, relief organizations and mass response to provide support immediately if there was ever such a devastating event.


During the summer of 2017, I witnessed the catastrophe of the North Bay fires: mass evacuations, burned homes, lack of food and water – all unfortunate hardships that negatively impacted the victims’ living conditions. As someone who understood the role that support played in helping those in need, I was motivated to help my neighboring communities, rising to the call to positively impact the people around me when they were most vulnerable. I started We4U driven by this message: we are always there for you.


Join We4U on this mission to support others and foster generosity throughout our communities.





We4u helps natural disaster victims by organizing fundraising events and soliciting donations across the Bay Area, having raised over $11000 collectively for natural disaster victims. 

We4u promotes programs in high schools to raise awareness about community service. 

We4u actively participates in local community events and has partnered with several non-profit organizations  to expand its communal outreach. 

Program and Activities

Recent Events

Kincade Fire Fundraising

Hanuman Temple, Newark, CA 11/01/2019


Hurricane Dorian Fundraising

Methodist Church, Campbell, CA 09/15/2019

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