Our Partners


We4U partners with local bay area non profit organizations and conducts community service events



Why do we do?

  • Seniors exhibited feelings of isolation, loneliness, and dependence.

  • Recognizing how technology allowed these senior citizens to become more active during their daily routines

  • Integrated the benefits of voice-activated technology by installing Amazon Echo and Google Home devices at their cottages and residency locations.



How do we collect?

  • Once enough eyewear is collected

  • It is assembled and taken to homeless shelters

  • Distributed through fittings, where people see whether our eyeglasses improve their vision.

  • Other times, it is donated overseas.

  • Some forms of eyewear, such as the lenses and frames given to other organizations to better assemble them



What do we do?

  • Distribute sleeping bags and care packages to the homeless

  • Host Leadership Forums

  • Host Human Rights Forums

  • Host Education Expos

  • Donate supplies to underprivileged schools

  • Host fundraisers to support community 

  • Sponsor members' non-profit efforts



Where do we get?

  • Providing shoes to the under privileged school children, initiated a simple yet powerful movement to ensure that every child can wear proper footwear to school. 

  • It is heart warming to see the tremendous outpouring of support from donors and dedicated volunteers.

  • Children are very vulnerable to soil transmitted diseases which can lead to serious illnesses & many cases resulting in death since most of the children go around barefoot.


Teach Seniors Tech

Why we do?

  • Seeks to educate seniors about technology through teaching them about social networking, surfing the web, and operating the basics of computers.

  • This program is run by student volunteers who have a passion to teach technology and give back to the senior community.

  • It is valuable to learn how to use new technology in this technologically savvy world. 



How do we meet?

  • Committed to providing underprivileged students with free financial literacy classes.

  • Through an interactive and hands on approach, we have taught youth in the Bay Area about topics ranging from delayed gratification to compound interest.

  • Classes are once a week for six weeks, aimed at 3rd-6th grade students.