Santa Rosa Fire - Redwood Empire Food Bank visit

The very next weekend when North bay - Santa Rosa fire tragedy happened, Arnav started collecting funds going door to door in our neighborhood (more than 300 houses) and raised $400 in cash and around $400 worth of non-perishable food supplies. Since this disaster was so close to the Bay Area, he then asked us to drive up there in the Santa Rosa. The scene over there was heartbreaking. We saw several houses and building structures in ashes and people standing in long lines in front of food bank to collect the food supplies. We then went to the Redwood Food bank and then handed the funds to them. The food bank staff was super impressed with his efforts. The food bank staff told that it would take almost 2yrs for the victims’ families to get back on their feet, so the victims would need an on-going support. They encouraged Arnav to continue his relief efforts.

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