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My memoir for helping North California Fire victims

Helping North California Fire victims through raising funds and donations

By Arnav Singhvi, Patch Poster | Dec 29, 2017 12:45 am ET

Christmas' arrival concluded my campaign to help North California fire victims. It was not the amount of money generated, but the power of giving, willingness to help each other, helping the society, and the empathy for others made me see another dimension of human generosity. Although the amount I raised is small compared to the millions raised and contributed by several organizations, it gave me an opportunity to see a different perspective of the world. This event reinforced my belief that humanity has values and thoughts beyond war, hatred and crime with their strong desire to support the natural calamities like this one. It showed me that people shed their layers of religion, color, and language to trust the initiative and support those who needed hope the most. The campaign functioned as a catalyst for those who wanted to help but were unable to do so as well as those who disregarded the amount of their donation or how many times they donated to freely give to the people of need. After I heard about this catastrophe, within a week, I immediately went door-to-door, collecting the food supplies and monetary donations. People instantly poured in their support. I received emails and phone calls to inquire about my cause, and within 3 days, I collected over 2 car trunk's worth of food supplies. In my second campaign at the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, the temple management didn't even take a second to think about my cause and instantaneously invited me to make an announcement to the devotees. Subsequently, people generously opened their wallets and gave whatever they had in them as if they were waiting to contribute My GoFundMe campaign harnessed the power of social media, where strangers went on to my online campaign and contributed money via credit cards. I had asked for a small monetary amount worth 2 cups of coffee but people. The ask was to contribute a small amount worth of 2 cups of coffee but people big-heartedly donated a great number.

While a spark can set a whole forest on fire, a donation can extinguish the flame with hope.

The total of $1800 that these 3 campaigns generated was matched by my mom's employer making this $3600. Each dollar provide $4 purchasing power to the food bank makes this $3600*4=$14,400, an amount that gives some sense of satisfaction. I plan to keep my GoFund me campaign open through the weekend if anyone wants to contribute GoFundMe Link: This Christmas for CA WildFire.

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