Update on 2017 Northern California fires

With the help from We4U's donations, the Redwood Empire Food Bank was able to send out non-perishable food items to the communities affected by the 2017 wildfires. Each dollar donated allowed the food bank to $4 worth of purchasing power in food collections. The Redwood Empire Food Bank launched the Station 3990 disaster response program that can be activated during any time of emergency. The program was founded in response to the 2017 fires after the food bank recognized the importance of having active food distribution sites during a natural calamity and promoted the program for the entire year of 2018. Through We4U's contributions to the great amount of fundraising support the food bank received, the Redwood Empire Food Bank was able to send out continuous food supplies to the victims of the 2017 fires as they persevered and tried to bring their lives back to normalcy.

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