New South Wales bushfires

Sad - In the forest of Australia, more than 50 crores of animals were burnt to death due to severe fire in the forest of Australia. It is our duty to protect the dumb animals. The worst fire in Australia's forest, 50 crore animal-birds died... The view of such a human being, the soul of a stone also shivers, four months have passed. But the fire in Australia's forests is not taking the name of the end. The University of Sydney's college has estimated that 48 million animals have been burnt in fire so far. It contains all mammals, birds and reptiles.

There were about 136 fires burning across NSW Monday.Of those, 69 are not contained, the NSW Rural Fire Service as on 1/5/2020

In total, more than 14.7 million acres have been burned across the country's six states. That's larger than the countries of Belgium and Haiti combined.

Just in NSW, there have been more than 1,300 houses destroyed and 8.9 million acres scorched.

Can we do something on west side of US from California?

At least we all should pray for them every day.

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