Thanksgiving - A Day of Gratitude

The day of Thanksgiving has always fascinated me. In my childhood, I loved watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, enjoying football games, and eating dinner with friends and family. I also enjoyed getting new toys on sale or going to malls on the occasion of Black Friday.

Now as a high school senior, I reflect on Thanksgiving with a new perspective. The day represents both a holiday and a celebration based on the essence of gratitude and being thankful.

While Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the US and Canada, I always wonder if the day can spread to other countries of the world.

The day’s significance is not bounded by the country or the geography but instead involves the universal principle of generosity that is integral to the values of humanity. There may be a day when the day of Thanksgiving will expand and become a universal festival celebrated across the world.

I am thankful to live in this world, spanning diverse backgrounds, identities, races, religions and cultures. Yet I recognize that despite our differences, we all stand together for the common cause of working to live with each other. We all need each other and need to help each other. What better way to celebrate this idea than appreciate the day of Thanksgiving.

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